Koch Optik | optician

Retail design concept for the Swiss optician "Kochoptik" with their 24 stores nationwide. The new concept was first implemented in the premium department store "Jelmoli" in Zurich. Thereafter the store at the Bahnhostrasse 11 also in Zurich opened its doors in December 2014.

The design reveals a clear structured layout yet an open space design to give clients an immediate overview of all products. The shop space is divided into three major spaces: 1. OPEN SPACE: with the main counter, client islands and various showcases, 2. VIP AREA: with exclusive collections and service, 3. EYE TEST ROOMS: this rooms are equipped with hi-tech measuring devices and scanners for a professional service. Immens detail and effort was put into the holder for the glasses. Based on the contours of the human face the glasses holder mimics nose and ears to hold the glasses in place. Also integrated into the holder there is an exchangeable signage for placing the brand of the glasses.

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