Crystalexe | glass tiles

In collaboration with the company CRYSTALEXE we have created a new crystal glass tiles collection.

CRYSTALEXE is created using a unique and particular industrial process designed for the production of technical glass floors with graphics and colour combinations that enhance the value of the final product giving it special aesthetic qualities and exceptional durability. The high-definition graphic decoration (max. 1440 dpi print resolution) is applied using water-based colours, which contain no solvents and are certified as non-toxic. Simply said: the glass is being "tattooed" with the desired print, and through a special production process burnt into the glass. Through this patented process the crystal glass tiles are unique worldwide! The collection has various themes, such as architecture, watercolours, fabric, etc.

Kurt Merki Jr. has chosen two themes for his collection: to begin with, the Origami paperfolding art. A game of creases, their curvatures and (coloured) paper. The second theme is the shadowing. The object that gave the shadow becomes secondary and outshining. The important element is the shadow itself with its shadings, freed from the object.

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